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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out the site.
I am an AMS sealed Meteorologist with superior forecasting skills, the ability to create and manipulate weather graphics for TV, and I have over a decade of severe weather coverage in markets like Wichita, KS & Kansas City, MO. Needless to say: I like weather!
I consider myself a relaxed and comfortable on air personality, able to effectively tell a weather story while not talking over your head with extra weather jargon. Weather guys like that can cause you to miss the forecast entirely! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having fun with the weather when the situation is right. However, in times of severe weather, I know you are looking for a reassuring voice and someone that will help you take the right steps to stay safe.

Browse around and check out some of my videos here! I recently finished a web series called "Weather Wise with JD Rudd", you can find that over at It's great education for the classroom or those simply seeking general knowledge about the weather. Nearly 60 videos answering a wide-range of weather questions.

If you'd like, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jdrudd) and find my KSHB Facebook page too! Links to my social media pages are just below or up at the very top right of the site.

Here's hoping it's your kind of weather outside right now.

Severe Weather Compilation from 2015: