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You’ll find me on-air weekday morning during Good Morning Cleveland on News 5 in Ohio. I’m also on during Good Morning America with various mini weather updates. You can’t miss me!

Outside of work I am a believer, a husband, and a tech geek. Oh yeah, and still a bit of a weather geek too. There’s nothing wrong with being a “geek”! Embrace who you are and what you love to do.

My approach to weather is pretty simple: I want to give a weather forecast that reliable & worthy of your time. Not only that, I want to inform you, educate you, and even make you laugh once in a while.
I will not talk over your head with extra weather jargon and puffed up terms. Weather guys like that can cause you to miss the forecast entirely! I tell it how I’d tell my momma.
Weather these days is a two-way street: You need me and I need you. I look forward to your input and photos/videos during all kinds of weather.

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Here’s hoping it’s your kind of weather outside right now!

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